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Finally! Water is flowing throughout my house. What a great feeling! You try going 4-5 days with absolutely no water in your house. It sucks! I love you water…

So, with my boxing tournament  coming up very soon ( I’ll post up the information about the tournament at the bottom of this post), I have to make sure I am on my game. There are 3 principles of efficient training that I use thanks to my secret weapon Eric Wong.

Principles of Efficient Training

The first and most important principle of efficient training is PREPARATION.

This is something that’s ingrained in me and I can’t turn it off if I tried (as you can see).

When it comes to training, preparation means many things, but  it starts with having a program.

You’ll ALWAYS make better progress on a program compared to winging it, even if the program sucks a donkey’s ass.

But when you’ve got a good program to follow, you’re going to astonish yourself at your results.

If you don’t have a program, the least you can do is think of some exercises you need to improve, write down how many reps and sets you’re going to do of each and how much rest between sets and follow that.

This simple tip I just gave you is absolutely priceless.

The second principle is also contained in my (embarrassing) story – and that is TRACKING.

With training, you’ve got to keep tabs on what you’re doing now, so that you can compare yourself to where you’ll be weeks, months and even years from now.

Even workout to workout, if you know you lifted 185 lbs for 5 reps, just seeing that should motivate you to aim for 6 reps next time. And 7 the time after that, and on and on.

Tracking leads to progress leads to results leads to goals achieved.

Tracking will give you a goal each and every time you step into the gym.

The more goals you have, the more goals you’ll achieve – goals foster success.

All you need to do is take that program you have written down to the gym with you and write down how you do each time.

Another priceless tip that you may notice almost NOBODY in the gym is doing (probably except the guys who are in great shape).

Finally, the third principle of efficient training is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE.

This is the hardest of the principles to implement, because it takes book smarts, application, time and observation.

But all you have to do is follow a simple system, much like the one that minimizes my time in the ‘loo:

  1. Get the required knowledge
  2. Create a program
  3. Execute the program
  4. Observe the results
  5. Tweak the program
  6. Execute the program
  7. Observe the results
  8. Get more knowledge
  9. Tweak the program… etc etc.

Do this and you’ll soon see what’s working and what’s not working, allowing you to eliminate what’s not working.

By Eric Wong

I am 100% behind Eric with this one. PREPARE, TRACK, AND TWEAK your routine to fit you.

Thanks for reading! Comment and Rate. I appreciate it.


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