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Hey everyone sad to say but I was not able to compete in the golden gloves because my book was not at the weigh in and they wouldn’t allow me to fight without it. I was kind of depressed because I worked my butt off and I wouldn’t say for nothing because I believe everything happens for a reason. There is always a next time and I’ll make sure I’m better, stronger, and faster than I was before. The last week of training took a lot out of me, especially the last 2 days. Cutting weight sucks but sometimes it’s what you got to do in this sport as well as some other sports. After I found out that I couldn’t compete I stuffed my face with everything I could feast my eyes on. I was starving!. I weighed about 139lbs. on Saturday for the weigh in and on Tuesday I was 150 lbs. Yeah I destroyed my fridge. But I have to say that last week of training really brought out my abdominal muscles.

Everyone has abs! That’s right even though some people might be saying to themselves, “Well I don’t see them”. The fact of the matter is that your abs are hidden underneath layers of fat. So what do you need to do? You need to get rid of the layers of fat, that are covering your sexy abdominal muscles. Here are some tips that you cou ld use to finally unleash your six pack and get everyone’s jaws dropping.

1. Diet – A prescribed selection of foods.

I put this one first for a reason. You need to diet!

We are what we eat and we can’t live without food. Therefore we have to consume foods that are going to promote optimum body functioning.

I train in mixed martial arts and boxing and I am always at the gym. If I was to consume McDonald’s 3 times a day, drink beers all the time, smoke countless amounts of cigarettes, and get little to no sleep, do you think my body would perform it’s best while I am training. Of course not and I probably won’t see any progression in my training. As I have said in previous posts, you have to have a plan or else you are going to set yourself up for failure. Here are a few of tips on dieting:

  • If you can’t grow it, hunt it, fish it, pick it, or ferment it, then you probably shouldn’t eat it. It’s not real food, and real food is exactly what you need. Try to stick around the outside of the grocery store. Ever really look at how these stores are set up. What foods are run along the inside perimeter of the store. You have fruits and vegetables as well as chicken, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc. REAL FOOD! And what can we find in the middle isles? Everything else that is most likely a food product. It is not real food. Stay away from canned goods that are high in fats and sodium; and stick with whole grain breads and pastas.
  • NEVER go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You’ll most likely buy things that you shouldn’t be eating and your wallets will be a bit thinner and your stomach a bit bigger when you’re done.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables! They promote good health and contain essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Speed up your metabolism by eating less more often. Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals.

2. Exercise

What exercises should you do? Well you want to get rid of the fat covering your abdominal muscles, so you want to perform fat burning exercises. Pretty simple, right? Well apparently I am wrong because there are so many people that are still dreaming of obtaining abs. STOP doing all of those ab workouts because you’ll never burn that excess fat! You need to increase the intensity of your fat burning routine. If your heart rate is not hitting your anaerobic level (80%-90% of your maximum heart rate) then you need to tweak your program. I see tons of people at the gym doing cardiovascular workouts for 45-60 minutes if not more sometimes. These people will be at the gym for the rest of their lives trying to burn that excess fat because their heart rate is at an aerobic level. For example, if you do 8 intervals of 1 minute jogging/walking and I do 8 intervals of sprinting/jogging or walking, who do you think is burning more fat. If you thought you were than you are wrong. HIIT (Hyper Intensity Interval Training) is the answer to your problems. I don’t know about you but running or biking for 45 minutes sounds pretty boring to me. How would it sound if I told you that you could cut your cardiovascular exercise down to about 10-15 minutes and get better results than ever before? No way you say? Yes way and since I’m such a great guy and I love to help others out, I provided you a little routine that you could try out for yourselves.

To burn fat you want to make sure you are in your fat burning heart rate zone.

First figure out your resting heart rate (RHR):

Then click on the link below and fill out the empty fields to figure out your Fat burning heart rate zone (“Target zone 4” as described in the link below)

Heart Rate Calculator

After warming up you could

ex 1.
Sprint for 15 seconds, rest / walk / jog for 15 seconds, and repeat. Complete 8-10 intervals. When you feel your body is adapting to the exercise or if you want to switch it up, increase the work time and rest.

Work / Rest
Week 1: 15sec / 15sec
Week 2: 20sec / 20sec
Week 3: 30sec / 30sec
Week 4: 40sec / 40sec

After you reach 60 sec work / 60 sec rest, start over but this time keep your rest periods shorter than your work and keep decreasing the rest time. This is just an example that you could switch up to fit you. In my case I get shin splints very easily so I like to do different variations of this routine on a bike which puts less stress on my ankles but still gets me the results that I want.

There are many other circuits and interval training routines that you could do as well that will ensure fat loss and increase muscle gains. Just one more example:

Have you ever seen those marathon runners? They don’t look all that muscular if you asked me; some are even a little flabby. On the other hand, have you ever seen an Olympic runner or people who compete in short distance running where they have to be really fast? The physique of those guys / girls are all ripped and defined. That’s because they are working their fast twitch muscles (explosive exercises) rather than their slow twitch muscles, like the marathon runners.

With all that being said guys and girls, I want to say good luck on your quest for sexy abs and I hope this information helps you as much as it did me.




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