GR PLAN TV: Episode 1 – How to make trout and stir-fry the CIA way   Leave a comment

Hey everyone! Glad to see that there are people out there using the information that  I’ve been posting here on my blog.

Tonight I was a little hungry and wanted to make some awesome tasting food. If you know me, then you know I LOVE food.

I was able to have  my friend / room mate / CIA graduate, ADAM AKA Opie, cook a little something up for you, just to show how easy cooking really is. Guys and girls, if you want to get the physique of your dreams, take the time to at least learn the easy fundamentals of cooking. Most home cooked meals, such as the one we are putting together in this video is NOT TIME CONSUMING. It would probably take you more time to go to MC Donald’s, order your food, pay for your food, before actually eating it. So do yourself a favor, suck it up and start cooking some  healthy and tasty meals.

In this video Opie is going to show you how to cook some trout and a stir fry from scratch.

MMMM sounds friggin delicious!

Ingredients needed for STIR-FRY:



– Peppers: Green and Orange Bell

– Carrots

– Onions

– Shallots

– Shoulder Chuck Steak

– Dry Pasta

– Canola Oil

– Sauce: House of Tsang Classic Stir Fry Sauce ( or any sauce of your choosing)

– Salt

– Pepper

– Herbs ( dry herbs such as parsley if you choose to)

Ingredients needed for the TROUT:

– Trout

– Salt

– Pepper

– Italian Herbs

– Oil

– Balsamic Vinegar

– Aluminum Foil

Shizayum!!! There you have it. All of the ingredients muahahahah!

So these two meals are going to take us approximately 20 minutes to make. I’m writing this post after I tore up those meals and I got to say that it was well worth it.

Here’s the video of how a Real CIA operative cooks.

There you go everyone, how to cook like a BAD ASS CIA MOFO!

Comments and ratings are appreciated.


Posted April 18, 2011 by garretrumbeaplan in Blog

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