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What are carbohydrates and why is their so much controversy over them?

Carbohydrates are nutrients that provides your body with energy. You can differentiate carbs into two groups:

– Simple carbs – sugars

– Complex carbs – starches and fibers

You can also put them into groups of two by determining if the carbohydrate has a high glycemic index or a low glycemic index.

What the hell does that mean, right?

Foods with a higher glycemic index will spike your blood sugar.

What is blood sugar?

It’s the amount of sugar, or glucose, in your body.

For a sound healthy diet, it’s best to stick to foods with a low glycemic index such as oats and whole grains.

It has been found that there are risks with  foods with higher glycemic index’s and that they can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Carbohydrates are nutrients that are easily digested which is why they are your main source of energy. Since protein and fats are a bit more difficult for your body to digest, they are used to build tissue in your body. With that being said, most of your calorie intake should be from carbohydrates.

How much carbs should you consume on a daily basis?

Well that depends on your goals and needs of course. But if you are on a 2000 calorie diet, then it should be anywhere from 45-65 % of your daily total calorific needs.



Low Glycemic

Moderate Glycemic

High Glycemic Index

• Pumpernickel Bread • Sourdough or Rye Bread • White Bread
• Pasta (whole wheat) • Shredded Wheat • Short-grain rice
• Bran Cereal • Banana • Cornflakes
• Soybeans • Pineapple • Waffles
• Lentils • Orange Juice • Potatoes
• Baked Beans • Ice Cream • Carrots
• Peaches • Watermelon
• Apples • Soft Drinks
• Oranges • Jelly beans
• Milk/Yogurt • Honey
• Chocolate

This chart was taken from

Ok, covered a good amount of info their. Ready to move on?

Good :)

– Slow digesting carbs (lower glycemic index) create slow increases in blood sugar and release a moderate amount of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

An easier way to think of these guys is that they are all natural foods such as whole grain rice, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

Fast Digesting carbs (higher glycemic index) are quickly digested in your body and reaches your blood stream a lot quicker. Think of these as man made products or products that have been processed such as bagels, potatoes, white rice, and fruit juices.

Many sources say that you should stay away from fast digesting carbohydrates, except right after a workout session.

When you consume carbs your body produces insulin to push glucose into your muscles to give you energy. It also feeds protein to your muscles which leads to muscle growth.

The reason why consuming too many fast digesting carbohydrates is because it is more easily transformed into fat rather than slow digesting carbs.

People who have a hard time gaining weight may indulge in fast digesting carbs  from time to time especially because it increases appetite.

Still with me?

It’s good to consume slow and medium digesting carbs before a training session. When you train your muscles the glycogen in your body depletes. So in order to prevent your body from crashing, take in some of these guys roughly about an hour and a half before a training session.

Alright so you just finished working out and pushing your body to its limits.

What should you eat post workout?

After your workout, you want to consume a good amount of carbohydrates as well; primarily fast digesting carbs. This is because after your hard training your muscles are like sponges and they are more susceptible to absorbing nutrients. Consuming a post training meal that spikes your insulin levels will alter into a state of muscle growth.

Keep in mind that some foods that are eaten together can slow down digestion. For example, mixing white rice with broccoli will slow down the digestion of the rice due to the fiber in the broccoli. Also combining a protein source that contains fat such as whole eggs, will slow down the digestion rate of any carbohydrate.

And my last tip for those who can’t seem to suppress their appetite; try consuming slow digesting carbs with every meal except post workout.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Remember, you are what you eat :P


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