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– A peterbilt semi truck ran me off the highway leaving my poor baby Adrianna (my Acura Integra named after my wife Adrianna Lima, Victoria’s Secret Model) DESTROYED AND TOTALED. I could have swore the truck turned into Optimus prime and SLAPPED the the hell outta me… :( RIP Adrianna.

– I’ve been having to attend 3 therapy sessions per week.

– I have not been lifting weights and had to put together a Full Body Weight workout for me to do at home…Shhh not supposed to be doing any exercise… But I feel good enough to do it I you’re damn right I am exercising.

 – I’ve decided to quit my super part time job at the bar, which could sometimes be very counter productive to my fitness business.

– I’ve decided that I need to be closer to some of my family and I am moving to L.A. California where my older brother resides. Thinking about leaving sometime in August or September.

– I’ve been working SUPER HARD on dummy proofing my new and I have to say ULTIMATE fitness & nutrition program for muscle gains, fat loss, muscle maintenance, and weight cutting.

– I’ve been dieting my butt off with my nutrition program to get ready for a photo shoot. Just to show you what my program is really made of and I am aiming for better results than last time.

– I’ve been putting together a group training program that will be running shortly and ending sometime near the end of August.

– I’ve been picking only a handful of people to try out my, soon to be on the market fitness and nutrition program. Just to show all you nay sayers that it’s damn well possible for anyone to look and feel sexy about themselves.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy as you can see. Planning, Planning, and some more Planning.

My fitness and nutrition program will be purchasable via internet sometime during the middle of next month. It will include:

– A computer based program (created with Microsoft excel) that will allow you to choose what type of diet you want to be on, whether it be muscle gain, fat loss, maintenance, or weight cutting. By typing in your stats such as gender, weight (body weight or Lean body mass for a better calculation), and age, the program will calculate your exact daily calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and water intake. It also breaks down what and when you should be eating. You can’t have fitness without nutrition and you shouldn’t even step foot in a gym until you have created your diet. When you want results you can’t guess your way to a sexy body. And I have to put this in here, you can’t get a nice set of abs without a diet too.

Here’s a sneak peak at the nutrition program!

– A complete weight training workout routine with pictures, videos (i pod freindly), and descriptions. All the workouts are DIFFERENT so you don’t bore yourself doing the same thing.

– A complete Full Body Weight training workout routine (for those who don’t like to go to the gym) with pictures, videos (i pod freindly), and descriptions. All the workouts are DIFFERENT so you don’t bore yourself doing the same thing.

– Recipes for oh so many delicious meals.

– Complete Shopping list.

– Workout logs (printer friendly).

– Unlimited advice from me, where you can ask me whatever questions you may have about fitness and nutrition.

– And MORE!!!!!!

Well I’m kind of hungry and its about lunch time for me right about now. This program is the BOMB!! and so is my pasta on the stove and my sweet potatoes in the oven mmmmm  ;)


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The MOST HELPFUL ADVICE for getting the body that you want!   Leave a comment

So I have about 2 weeks left til I have a few fitness photo shoots and I am/have been working harder than a Motha’. And I know you know, how hard Motha’s can work.

On top of my training, I have to make sure my diet is on point. There is no room for careless mistakes this close to the deadline.

That being said, I woke up this morning, read up on a few fitness blogs that I normally read up on, and I came to the conclusion that 90% (maybe more) of people DON’T want a sexy body!

Yeah, that’s right I said it!

The other 10% of people are reaping the benefits of the hard work they put in to get their body’s to trophy status.

“Anything worth doing is not going to be easy”.

People come up with so many reasons not to do the right thing when it comes to reaching their personal goal. For those who do keep at it (whatever the case may be, even if unrelated to fitness), I congratulate you. But I sure know that in the end, it all pays off.

Alright guys so the BIGGEST and most Helpful advice I can give you is this:


This is a great rule that I picked up from one of the online fitness blogs that I keep track of.

Thanks Vince Delmonte!

Okay so how to use this method is quite simple and can be used for any type of goals you set out for yourself; let it be in the fitness aspect or any other aspect.

I believe this would work MUCH better with a goal date in mind rather than not having one because that extra pressure will help assure you to be where you need to be by the deadline date.

Everyday, everyone is stuck with having to make choices. THERE’S NO ESCAPING IT! AHHHHHH

So on a daily basis you need to ask yourself is this choice that I am about to make going to HELP my progress, or HURT my progress. That simple!

The 10% (if even that)  of people that have their trophy body’s are MOST LIKELY using this method to get what they want.

Don’t concern yourself with sooOOooOoo many itty bitty details, because it will just stress you out. Everyone’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is different but we all have a general idea of what is right and what is wrong without having to have taken a single course in kinesiology or nutrition.

You think I am wrong!?!?

Let me ask you this, what is a healthier choice: french fries from McDonald’s or a baked potato you made at home?OR   

If you say french fries than I literally will reach my hand through my computer screen, somehow make it come out through your screen, and BITCH SLAP the LIVING SHIT out of you!

Don’t play with me… I know you know…

One more question for you. What’s healthier for you: sitting in all day typing your little fingers away on face book (I swear I don’t do this… all the time…) or going for a light jog around your neighborhood?


Again, if you say typing on face book is healthier for you… You should be SLAPPED…AGAIN!

Actually if you answered both of these questions wrong, consider yourself already smacked by me…  And I, personally think that you should take the next 10-20 seconds to continuously smack yourself…



And just because I’m talking about all this smacking, don’t think that I might like getting smacked from time to time; from a certain someone, during certain specific moments…. because I don’t… ::wink wink::

So you see, you have some knowledge to get you where you want to be. It’s not that hard! For instance, lets take the Spartans for instance. Going back to the ancient times, the spartan civilization was like no other of its time. From child to adult hood, the males would go through extensive training and challenges to prepare them for war. These guys were RIPPED. But I am pretty sure they didn’t have a college background in exercise and nutrition.

It’s common sense people! Just take action and things will change.

It is inevitable!

Thanks for reading!

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DAYUM! I need something to quench my thirst! Glass of delicious purified water WILL do the trick. ::pinky out::   Leave a comment

Can anyone tell me what the MOST crucial nutrient for growth, development, and health is?

AGUA!!! or WATER for you non-Spanish / Portuguese speakers. pffff

Did you know that without any water / other fluids in your body you would die in about a week?

Yeah it’s friggin’ true. And I am sure all of you knew that already right?


Well then why is 90% (I pulled that number out of the sky because 90% of the people I know probably don’t drink enough) of the population not drinking enough of it?

Stop taking it for granted!!! Get a water purifier!!!

No matter what your fitness, nutrition, or health goals are consuming enough water every day is essential and should be on the top of your priority list.

There is only so many good things I can say about water:


2 – It’s even better than FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!

3 – Helps form structures in your body such as proteins and glycogen( main form of carbohydrate storage in your body ).

4 – In adults, it makes up about 60% of body weight.

5 – Absorbs and transports nutrients through the body as well as transports waste products out of the body.

6 – Lubricates your joints

7 – Keeps your body temperature cool when temperature rises.

8 – Helps with mental performance.

9 – Prevents disease and illness.

The list goes on and on and on and on some more.

To maximize muscle gains and mobilize fat loss, taking in enough water is sooo extremely important.

From my experience, I have seen much better results when I started consuming enough water through out the day. That’s right there was a time when I took water for granted too. But not for long!

Drinking more water can actually help your body rid itself of waste products and help you stay lean. Without enough water your kidneys (depend on water) need back up and goes to your liver for help. Since your liver is helping out your kidneys, your liver is not able to mobilize fat for energy, which is one of your livers many jobs in the body.

Many times people mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking enough water will actually suppress your hunger so that you consume less food.

So the it all comes down the one real question…

How much water do you need?

Like I said earlier, most people are going about their daily lives in a dehydrated state.

Most foods you eat contain water such as vegetables ,fruits, meats, and other beverages.

Consume 8 to 12 cups (2-3 liters) of water per day, and even more if you are exercising, since you always want to replace the fluids lost when you sweat.

During exercise you can lose about a quart of water per hour. This depends on how much you sweat and your body composition. The more intense the workout the more water your body is going to lose… Common sense…

Just a few early signs of dehydration and heat stress are fatigue, loss of appetite, light headed, headache, dry mouth, and dark urine. Some severe signs are muscle spasms, numbness, difficulty swallowing,  and PAINFUL URINATION! OUCH!!!

I hope everyone reading this has a different perspective on water now. Do yourself a favor and help yourself to more water. Get a water purifier too. It makes things so much easier.

I like to cut lemons up and throw it into a container with water. Tastes better and the reaction that lemon has in your body is actually good for you.

Thanks for reading :D

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Hey everyone, Just finished going grocery shopping ( I didn’t really finish going grocery shopping… this post was meant for last night but I’m going to pretend that I did write this post last night for the sake of me saying I just finished going grocery shopping).

A lot of people are always asking me questions about food and what they should eat. Well I just went shopping and bought a couple of things ( More like A LOT) and thought I would share my grocery list with you. I already had some foods at my house so I didn’t have to purchase them, but I will include them in the list below.

GR Plan Fitness Grocery List for REAL MEN… & REAL WOMEN! That’s right people you are what you eat so start eating some REAL MOTHA’ FK’N FOODS:

– apples

– bananas

– dried cranberries

– strawberries

– blueberries

– black berries

– lemons

– pineapple

– whole grain bread

– whole grain pasta

– whole grain bagels

– oatmeal

– kashi cereal

– red potatoes

– sweet potatoes

– chick peas

– red beans

– black beans

– pinto beans

– tuna fish (in water)

– salmon

– turkey burgers

– chicken breast

– steak

– turkey bacon

– ground turkey

– cream cheese (fat free)

– yogurt (fat free)

– cottage cheese

– eggs (free range / cage free / omega 3)

– egg whites

– almond milk

– almond butter

– pickles

– mixed greens

– tomatoes

– onions

– mushrooms

– bell peppers

– spinach

– broccoli

– carrots

– apple juice

– cranberry juice

– olive oil

– cinnamon

– sliced almonds

– green tea

– honey

– fiber powder

Well that’s all I can conjure up off the top of my head.

Remember to get water as well! So many people don’t drink enough water! So DO IT! NOW!!!

I bought a Brita water purifier and trust me it has saved me a shit load of money.

Thanks for reading, comments, questions, and ratings are welcome and encouraged! SO DO IT NOW!! :D

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Your Body WILL Adapt! If you force it to.   Leave a comment

So there are days where I’ll have an AMAZING workout ( I shoot for amazing every time! ) and I’ll find myself super sore the next day or even couple of days.

I’ve heard of numerous accounts when people wait the soreness out, before stepping foot back in the gym.

Studies have shown that complete metabolic recovery takes place within 48 hours of exercise, meaning that you might still feel sore but your body has recovered from your EXTREME workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness can even last up to 4 or more days after intense workouts. I make sure to do various stretches throughout the day to help prevent sore muscles and that “tight” feeling, which for some reason I seem to like from time to time… Because I am a weirdo and a hardcore fitness buff who smiles through intense workouts like it’s no sweat. But really… IT BURNS!

So what I am trying to say is that since metabolic recovery occurs within 48 hours of exercise, it is okay to work the same muscle again even if soreness is still present; without affecting your body’s recovery.

Studies have also shown that even if metabolic recovery is not complete, the muscle can be worked again.

For the workout after your AMAZING training session, you could do the same exact workout but make it less demanding on your muscles. Therefore you can lower the sets, reps, and even weight so that you could decrease delayed muscle onset, help your recovery rate, and still make great muscle gains.

This method will ensure better results and will energize your nervous system.

So ladies and gentlemen, try to work through the soreness! Your body adapts to your everyday life therefore if you force your muscles to work more often, your recovery will increase and soreness will settle.

One more thing. Many people base their workouts on the soreness of their body. I, personally (like the feeling sometimes) base the progression of my workouts by looking at my workout logs and seeing if the workout was better than previous sessions; meaning did I use more weight, and do more sets/reps this time around.

Thanks for reading, comment and rate!

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