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So there are days where I’ll have an AMAZING workout ( I shoot for amazing every time! ) and I’ll find myself super sore the next day or even couple of days.

I’ve heard of numerous accounts when people wait the soreness out, before stepping foot back in the gym.

Studies have shown that complete metabolic recovery takes place within 48 hours of exercise, meaning that you might still feel sore but your body has recovered from your EXTREME workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness can even last up to 4 or more days after intense workouts. I make sure to do various stretches throughout the day to help prevent sore muscles and that “tight” feeling, which for some reason I seem to like from time to time… Because I am a weirdo and a hardcore fitness buff who smiles through intense workouts like it’s no sweat. But really… IT BURNS!

So what I am trying to say is that since metabolic recovery occurs within 48 hours of exercise, it is okay to work the same muscle again even if soreness is still present; without affecting your body’s recovery.

Studies have also shown that even if metabolic recovery is not complete, the muscle can be worked again.

For the workout after your AMAZING training session, you could do the same exact workout but make it less demanding on your muscles. Therefore you can lower the sets, reps, and even weight so that you could decrease delayed muscle onset, help your recovery rate, and still make great muscle gains.

This method will ensure better results and will energize your nervous system.

So ladies and gentlemen, try to work through the soreness! Your body adapts to your everyday life therefore if you force your muscles to work more often, your recovery will increase and soreness will settle.

One more thing. Many people base their workouts on the soreness of their body. I, personally (like the feeling sometimes) base the progression of my workouts by looking at my workout logs and seeing if the workout was better than previous sessions; meaning did I use more weight, and do more sets/reps this time around.

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Posted May 2, 2011 by garretrumbeaplan in Blog

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