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Hey everyone, Just finished going grocery shopping ( I didn’t really finish going grocery shopping… this post was meant for last night but I’m going to pretend that I did write this post last night for the sake of me saying I just finished going grocery shopping).

A lot of people are always asking me questions about food and what they should eat. Well I just went shopping and bought a couple of things ( More like A LOT) and thought I would share my grocery list with you. I already had some foods at my house so I didn’t have to purchase them, but I will include them in the list below.

GR Plan Fitness Grocery List for REAL MEN… & REAL WOMEN! That’s right people you are what you eat so start eating some REAL MOTHA’ FK’N FOODS:

– apples

– bananas

– dried cranberries

– strawberries

– blueberries

– black berries

– lemons

– pineapple

– whole grain bread

– whole grain pasta

– whole grain bagels

– oatmeal

– kashi cereal

– red potatoes

– sweet potatoes

– chick peas

– red beans

– black beans

– pinto beans

– tuna fish (in water)

– salmon

– turkey burgers

– chicken breast

– steak

– turkey bacon

– ground turkey

– cream cheese (fat free)

– yogurt (fat free)

– cottage cheese

– eggs (free range / cage free / omega 3)

– egg whites

– almond milk

– almond butter

– pickles

– mixed greens

– tomatoes

– onions

– mushrooms

– bell peppers

– spinach

– broccoli

– carrots

– apple juice

– cranberry juice

– olive oil

– cinnamon

– sliced almonds

– green tea

– honey

– fiber powder

Well that’s all I can conjure up off the top of my head.

Remember to get water as well! So many people don’t drink enough water! So DO IT! NOW!!!

I bought a Brita water purifier and trust me it has saved me a shit load of money.

Thanks for reading, comments, questions, and ratings are welcome and encouraged! SO DO IT NOW!! :D


Posted May 6, 2011 by garretrumbeaplan in Blog

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