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– A peterbilt semi truck ran me off the highway leaving my poor baby Adrianna (my Acura Integra named after my wife Adrianna Lima, Victoria’s Secret Model) DESTROYED AND TOTALED. I could have swore the truck turned into Optimus prime and SLAPPED the the hell outta me… :( RIP Adrianna.

– I’ve been having to attend 3 therapy sessions per week.

– I have not been lifting weights and had to put together a Full Body Weight workout for me to do at home…Shhh not supposed to be doing any exercise… But I feel good enough to do it I you’re damn right I am exercising.

 – I’ve decided to quit my super part time job at the bar, which could sometimes be very counter productive to my fitness business.

– I’ve decided that I need to be closer to some of my family and I am moving to L.A. California where my older brother resides. Thinking about leaving sometime in August or September.

– I’ve been working SUPER HARD on dummy proofing my new and I have to say ULTIMATE fitness & nutrition program for muscle gains, fat loss, muscle maintenance, and weight cutting.

– I’ve been dieting my butt off with my nutrition program to get ready for a photo shoot. Just to show you what my program is really made of and I am aiming for better results than last time.

– I’ve been putting together a group training program that will be running shortly and ending sometime near the end of August.

– I’ve been picking only a handful of people to try out my, soon to be on the market fitness and nutrition program. Just to show all you nay sayers that it’s damn well possible for anyone to look and feel sexy about themselves.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy as you can see. Planning, Planning, and some more Planning.

My fitness and nutrition program will be purchasable via internet sometime during the middle of next month. It will include:

– A computer based program (created with Microsoft excel) that will allow you to choose what type of diet you want to be on, whether it be muscle gain, fat loss, maintenance, or weight cutting. By typing in your stats such as gender, weight (body weight or Lean body mass for a better calculation), and age, the program will calculate your exact daily calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and water intake. It also breaks down what and when you should be eating. You can’t have fitness without nutrition and you shouldn’t even step foot in a gym until you have created your diet. When you want results you can’t guess your way to a sexy body. And I have to put this in here, you can’t get a nice set of abs without a diet too.

Here’s a sneak peak at the nutrition program!

– A complete weight training workout routine with pictures, videos (i pod freindly), and descriptions. All the workouts are DIFFERENT so you don’t bore yourself doing the same thing.

– A complete Full Body Weight training workout routine (for those who don’t like to go to the gym) with pictures, videos (i pod freindly), and descriptions. All the workouts are DIFFERENT so you don’t bore yourself doing the same thing.

– Recipes for oh so many delicious meals.

– Complete Shopping list.

– Workout logs (printer friendly).

– Unlimited advice from me, where you can ask me whatever questions you may have about fitness and nutrition.

– And MORE!!!!!!

Well I’m kind of hungry and its about lunch time for me right about now. This program is the BOMB!! and so is my pasta on the stove and my sweet potatoes in the oven mmmmm  ;)


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