It’s defenitely freezing here in San Antonio, Texas.   Leave a comment

I am sitting in my warm and cozy house because it’s about 26°F outside! I did not move here from the east coast to be shivering my butt off!

I woke up this morning and had my day planned ahead of time. That was until, I went into the bathroom to wash up; I turned the knob to the shower and nothing… No water. I went for the bathroom faucet too and… NOTHING! So I quickly went into the kitchen to find out that the sink wasn’t working either!


Just my luck.

So I packed up some of my stuff and went to the gym to clean myself up there before doing my workout routine. Thanks Planet Fitness for supplying me with a nice warm shower. I couldn’t let this cold weather stop my training, especially because the golden gloves boxing competition is coming up in a matter of weeks.

Anyways, I found out some pretty cool information on how to burn some fat.

I was watching Dr. Oz, a pretty cool show about a Doctor who talks about health. I like his show because his demonstrations are awesome! Timothy Ferris made a  guest appearance and spoke about the “4 hour Body”.

Dr Oz: Timothy Ferriss 4-Hour Body

Dr Oz said that Tim Ferriss spent the past 15 years testing out every diet, product and weight loss premise to figure out what really works with the minimal amount of effort.  Could it really be possible to lose 20 pounds in 30 days and increase your fat burning potential by 300% by making simple changes?  Ferriss had been called a Life Hacker and teaches people how to triple the fat they lose with ice baths, how to get Michelle Obama arms with three 5 minute workouts per week, and how to enjoy wine and coffee while still losing fat.

Dr Oz: 4-Hour Body

Dr Oz asked Ferriss what is a 4- Hour Body?  Timothy Feriss said that it is about making the smallest changes in a consistent way that result in the biggest desired impact.  The idea is to not spend a lot of time and effort but to achieve profound changes.  Dr Oz said to Ferriss that critics say that his approaches are not medically sound, so how does he respond to this?  Tim Ferriss said that he is not a doctor, but he has worked with many doctors and most of his critics are trying to sell products that conflict with the suggestions in his weight loss plan called The 4 Hour Body.  Dr Oz said that he had his medical unit check all of the ideas in The 4-Hour Body, and almost everything checked out for medical soundness.

Dr Oz: Ice Therapy: 4-Hour Weight Loss Strategy #1

Dr Oz asked Timothy Feris what is Ice Therapy and how does it work?  He said that Ice Therapy triggers hormones that are helpful for fat loss.  You can do something as simple as a cold ice pack on your upper back and your upper chest for 30 minutes when you watch tv at night.  Then you can buildup to taking a cold shower the next morning.  And Ferriss said that the final step, which is what he does, is to take an actual Ice Bath up to your waist for 10 minutes, three times per week.  But take it slowly – you should not go from doing nothing straight into an Ice Bath.

Dr Oz: Why Do Ice Baths Make You Lose Weight?

Dr Oz said that he checked out this theory of Ice Therapy and that when you are cold, your body has to do a lot more work to do the same things as when it is warm – so you burn much more fat.  You have something called Brown Fat that is located around blood vessels and keeps your blood warm.  By cooling off with ice, your body is forced to burn a dramatically larger number of calories.  I have heard that sucking on ice cubes or drinking cold water also helps you to lose weight because your body has to use energy to bring the cold water or ice up to your body’s temperature.  Sounds like a similar phenomenon!

Dr Oz: 30 G Protein For Breakfast: 4-Hour Weight Loss Strategy #2

Timothy Ferris said that the next fat burning tip is to eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.  For example, you can eat 5 eggs, turkey sausage, or protein shakes made of unflavored whey protein.  Ferriss says that this is critical because it starts your day off with the right fat burning hormones.  Dr Oz said that eggs are a safe way to get protein and generally do not increase your cholesterol unless you have a genetic pre-disposition.  Tim Ferriss said that this will also help you not to get a mid-afternoon slump after lunch.  You should always follow how you feel as an indication of how much fat you are burning.

Dr Oz: Pig Out Once A Week: 4-Hour Weight Loss Strategy #3

Dr Oz sounded slightly hesitant about this tip, but Ferriss said that by spiking your calories once a week, you improve your thyroid output (which is especially good for mothers), and it makes the weight loss plan more sustainable so that you will be strict the other 6 days.  You can limit the damage to your body from this once-a-week eating extravaganza by drinking grapefruit juice and doing squats after the big meal.

Dr Oz: Grapefruit Juice & Squats

Ferriss said that you have roughly one hour from when you eat junk food to drinking grapefruit juice and doing the squats to counteract the “mistakes” you make on your diet.  Dr Oz said that when you have grapefruit juice and do squats, you open up all of your receptors in the muscles so that the sugar goes into your muscles to become fuel rather than the sugar being deposited as fat around your belly.

Dr Oz and Tim Ferriss demonstrated how to do an Air Squat by putting both arms out in front of you for balance.  Make sure to sit slowly in a pretend chair until your thighs are parallel with the ground (or as far as you can go).

There you have it. A few tips from Timothy Ferriss.

It’s hard to think about those freezing ice baths when it’s 26°F outside. Brrrr


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